Q: I have bought the game but I don’t know how to play.
A: Make sure you have received an e-mail containing a download link to the installation file. Then click on the installation file and follow the instructions to install the game on your computer. Make also sure that your computer meets the minimum technical requirements to run the game.


Q: What are the minimum system requirements for The Asskickers?
A: Operating System PC: Windows XP, Vista, Seven / Mac: Mac OS X 10.6
Processor : 1.8 Ghz - Ram : 1 Go
Hard Drive: 1.6 Go of free space


Q: I have launched the game but I don’t know what the controls are.
A: You can fully configure your controls in the “controls” menu found in “options”


Q: Does The Asskickers support a game controller?
A: Yes, The Asskickers is compatible with the Xbox 360 controller for PC.
You may fully configure your gamepad in the “controls” menu
Other controllers may work but are not officially supported.


Q: I want to pause the game.
A: Simply press “Escape” on your keyboard


Q: I’d like to play with a friend but I don’t own a controller.
A: The “controls” menu allows you to make your keyboard support the input of two different players.


Q: This is game is too hard! I am getting my ass kicked!
A: A beat’em up requires a bit of skill to be mastered and The Asskickers is no exception. Here are a few tips: use special attacks, pick up all bonus items and most importantly, play with a friend!


Q: I don’t know how to trigger special attacks.
A: Go to the “how to play” section of the option menu.


Q: Every time I quit the game I have to restart from the very beginning.
A: If this bothers you, try playing in easy difficulty. The game will save automatically at the end of each of the six levels that make up the game.


Q: I am playing in easy mode but my progression is not saved.
A: Make sure that a file called The Asskickers has been created in your C://Users/User’s name/Appdata/Roaming directory and that it contains a file named “profile” If not, find this file, create the directory and put the file in it.


Q: The game works fine, except that black squares keep appearing in the middle of the screen.
A: It’s a visual glitch affecting some integrated and Nvidia graphic cards. The best way to fix this is to go to your graphic card control panel and manually disable 3D acceleration and anti-aliasing.


Q: I am stuck at the end of level 1-2. What should I do?
A: It’s rare bug that appears sometimes when the game is run for the first time.
Just restart the game and you should be able to play without any problem.


Q: I have been grabbed by an enemy! How do I break free?
A: Press the attack button repeatedly until the enemy lets you go


Q: How do I beat these damn scooters!
A: Use a well-timed jump attack.
It’s good practice for the challenges you’ll have to face


Q: I don’t care about plot or dialogues, I just want action!
A: You can skip most of the dialogues by pressing the “action” button during cutscenes


Q: I have another problem that prevents me from enjoying the game.
A: Please contact us at support(at)the-asskickers (dot)com