IGF 2011

« A cheery mix of retro punchosity »
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

« An indie gem » – Fraggs 4/5

« As a work of art, The Asskickers is revolutionary » – Canard PC

« Find a friend, press start and kick ass » – Fraggs Magazine 4/5

« For mindless retro action, The Asskickers kicks ass. » – The Islander

« This is a game that apologizes to no one. » – RoboAwesome

« A comforting catharsis » – Tech-gaming

« If you like old school beat ‘em ups than I think you will get a kick out of The Asskickers. » – The Bitbag

It’s asskicking time !

In a society ruled by a corrupt political and financial elite, three ordinary citizens decide to stand up and fight back. Join Alex, Diane and Marcus in their fight for justice and make white-collar criminals discover the lost art of asskicking.


Download The Asskickers
for PC
Download The Asskickers
for MAC



  • Discover a tongue-in-cheek interactive satire
  • Fight the white-collar criminal hordes: evil traders, greedy fat cats and corrupt politicians and literally kick their asses!
  • Choose your asskicking weapon of choice with three different playable characters
  • Kick some ass with a friend in local co-op
  • Chain up combos, special attacks and exclusive two-player collaborative attacks in true beat’em up fashion