Get Myspace Street Racing Friends


Myspace has many different fun applications with many of the best apps created by Zynga. Three of my favorite apps are Priates, Special Forces and Street Racing. These apps are available on both Facebook and Myspace. In this article, I’ll mainly be writing about Myspace’s Street Racing app. These are pretty much playing real time sports betting games via Ufabet168.

I really think that Street Racing is a great game. The people at Zynga continue to improve it and make it better. There are new cars and races added all the time. They’ve expanded and made more options with working with your own crew, allowing you to promote members to “top crew”. With these top crew members, you can earn additional income and send useful refuels to each other.

One of the best features in Myspace Street Race is that you can have an “active car” that you can supe up with mods. You use your active car in 1 vs 1 races, compared to the general crew challenges that you used to only be able to do. With each race that you do, you earn some respect. After winning enough of these races, you’ll unlock new races in different cities.

Despite what you might see on the internet, there aren’t Street racing cheats or codes. But here are some great hints and tips for Myspace’s Street Racing app. First, get more Street Racing friends. With more friends, this means a larger crew, with which you can win more challenges and do more races. Adding more street racing friends is easy to do. Just add your myspace address in the comments, and ask other’s to join your myspace Street Racer crew.

Second, after growing your crew size, find someone with a high bounty on the bounty list and take them out. With your larger crew size, this won’t be as hard as you might think. You’ll be able to take out guys that are at a higher level then you. Initially, you’ll lose most of these challenges, but when you do take one out, it will get you a lot of cash. Just like when you play some fun sports betting games at

With the money that you earn, spend it on properties. Street Racing has a lot of great properties that you can buy. The properties will continue to pay you back over time and you’ll easily make more cash then you initially had. Then with the extra money, you can buy more cars and equipment.

For more tips and hints on the game, you can check out my other article on Myspace Street Racing here. Again, the most important and easiest step is getting more Street racing friends. Just leave a comment with your myspace address and other’s will ask to join your crew.

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