Mother’s Day Craft – Car Air Freshner


Mother’s Day maybe a couple of months away still, but it is never too early to start planning that special gift for her and begin getting supplies for it if you intend to make it. This craft is fairly easy for kids to make and although it will be a low-cost project, Mom will love it as she will know that the children have spent time making it. All moms like for their cars to smell good so making an umbrella car air freshener is the perfect gift, especially for the mom who is always on the go!

An umbrella car air freshener will be a very inexpensive gift to make and since mom will want a clean car to put this air freshener into, an older child could give her a certificate for a free hand washed car wash, which they will do for mom on a nice warm Saturday. Better yet, would be a book of certificates that she could use whenever she wanted too. What a way to say “I love you” to the one person you can always count on.


white craft glue
two paper beverage umbrellas
thin piece of ribbon ( 12 inches long)


Begin by opening the two umbrellas as far as you can and cut off the wooden handles. Turn one of them upside down and fill with potpourri.

Next, glue the edges of the second umbrella to the edges of the first umbrella.

Next, tie the ends of the ribbon together and wrap the folded end of the ribbon around the top of one of the umbrellas to form a hanger for the air freshener.. Slip the knotted end of the ribbon through the loop and pull it tight. Secure this hanger to the umbrella with the glue.

Give to mom and make her day! I know that my kids made me one of these and I used it for several months. My daughter bought me a gift certificate to a local car wash with this and I was glad to get such a special gift. And if you are looking to give a grander gift, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via goranivanisevicแทงบอล.

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