Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring


There’s more involved in buying a Natural Diamond engagement ring than simply going to a jewelry shop and selecting your favorite sparkler.

The shape and style of cutting are important factors to consider. There are many options, from classic rounds to dazzling fancy forms (think marquise or pear shapes, ovals, rectangles, etc.).


A solitaire ring is a choice that is understated, allowing your commitment to shine without being burdened with extraneous detail. It’s a statement of clarity, purity and undying love that transcends trends and ages. It’s a sign of love that is strong enough to shine in a world full of distractions and complexities.

Natural Diamond engagement ring

The classic round diamond solitaire is a timeless, elegant option that goes with any style wedding ring. You can also pair it with a ring with a different style to create an original look. Its simple setting allows light to pass through, highlighting each facet and allowing the diamond to glow with its full beauty. This setting is also very versatile, so it can fit any budget.

When choosing a solitaire ring, it’s important to find the perfect diamond. Choose a ring of excellent color, clarity and cut to ensure its durability. Consider a diamond substitute that is ethically and sustainably sourced. These rings are crafted with the highest quality natural gemstones, and they feature beautiful designs that will stand the test of time.

A solitaire ring also has the benefit of being easy to maintain. You can either clean it at your home or have a jeweler professionally clean it every six month. It’s a good idea also to remove the ring during activities like swimming or hiking that could damage it. You should also have your ring checked by an expert every three to four years for signs and wear.


The three-stone engagement is a timeless and elegant style. It features a central stone flanked on either side by two side stones. It represents the past, present and future of a pair. Some couples choose gemstones to give this symbolism a deeper meaning, such as rubies or blue sapphires to represent passion and loyalty. Some couples use this ring as a way to express their shared values and beliefs.

While most people opt for round or princess cut diamonds for this setting, you can also choose other fancy shapes like pear, marquise, and emerald-cut. You can even mix and match step cuts with brilliant cut stones, or pair a square emerald-cut with tapered baguettes for an alluring contrast in shape. The halo or bezel setting is a great option for three-stone rings as it highlights the beauty of the stones.

While a three-stone ring is gorgeous, it can require more care and maintenance than a solitaire ring. To keep your ring looking great, it’s essential to maintain a regular schedule of cleaning the prongs holding the side stones. Three-stone rings have more facets, which means they are more likely than other types of settings to catch on straps or sleeves.


A ring’s pave setting (pronounced pa-voo) adds a carpet of brilliance to the overall look. The setting features a ring band that’s surrounded by a paved path of small accent diamonds or gemstones, creating a beautiful radiance that directs the eye towards the show-stopping center stone. The stones don’t have to be small, however; larger diamonds can be used in a pave design to create a more dramatic multi-carat statement ring.

Pave engagement rings are among the most popular for buyers who want an extra bit of sparkle without taking the spotlight away from the center stone. The setting is stunning with almost any diamond shape. Round brilliant diamonds, however, are the best option because they maximize the ring’s brilliance.

Pave settings are more expensive than other types of engagement rings settings. That’s partly because each diamond is held and set individually rather than in a crowded cluster as they would be with channel or prong settings. The cost of the ring will also increase if you add more diamonds. However, if you choose lab-grown diamonds, it is possible to get the sparkly ring of your dreams without breaking the bank.

A pave ring looks great with any center stone. It’s especially nice with a thin ring because it adds an air of elegance. It is important to regularly steam clean a pave ring because of the tiny diamonds. This will prevent scratches and abrasions. As with other diamond ring designs, pave settings are also difficult to resize. It is therefore important to choose the correct ring size at the beginning.


Halo engagement ring is a stunning way of showcasing the beauty and brilliance of a central diamond. They can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any proposal with their rich history and dazzling style. You can customize a halo to make it unique and meaningful. This includes choosing the right band, and adding engravings that celebrate special moments.

Halo designs can be simple or elaborate. The classic halo design includes a row of small diamonds around a larger stone. However, there are many other options to create an amazing ring that fits your personality and style preferences. Halo settings can also be more durable than other settings, protecting the central stone against scratches, chips and damage.

The recent popularity of halo engagement ring style has been boosted by celebrities wearing them. The halo style is not only popular among celebrities, but also with women who enjoy vintage-style jewelry.

Halo engagement rings can be worn with any center stone. Round, oval, and pear-shaped stones are ideal for halos, but a halo can also be paired with other diamond shapes such as marquise, heart, and Asscher cut diamonds.

Halo engagement ring styles are available in different metal colors and finishes. Halo rings are most commonly made of white gold or platinum, but you can choose rose gold or yellow gold to highlight diamonds in an unusual way. You can also choose a twisted or straight band to create a distinctive look.


The cluster engagement ring is a collection of smaller diamonds and gemstones that are grouped together for a unique appearance. Diamonds can be arranged into any shape for a unique look. These rings can also be more affordable than solitaire rings. They can be made smaller because they don’t require a large stone as the center. This ring will be perfect for anyone who wants to add a special touch to their engagement rings without spending a lot of money.

One of the main benefits of a cluster engagement ring is that it can be very eye-catching. This ring will attract attention from everyone who sees. This type of ring will show off your personality and style. This ring has small diamonds, which are very delicate. Wear it when you can protect it from damage.

A cluster engagement ring also offers the benefit of being able to choose any color and clarity. This ring can be made out of colored diamonds like purples or reds to make it more unique and personal. A unique cluster engagement ring will show off your personality, and you’ll have a ring to remember for years.

Many people believe that a diamond solitaire engagement ring is more expensive than a cluster ring, because the center stone is smaller. This is not always accurate. You should only shop at a trusted jeweler if you want to get the best deal on your ring. Be sure to ask how the jeweler determines the total carat of your ring.

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